Three Insights that anyone looking forward to start a new business could use

Hello Everyone, today I take this opportunity to share 3 life saving tips that anyone planning to start a new business (especially on an online social media platform) could use. The following article on “Three Insights That Anyone to Start a Business” reflects a lot of things that I have learnt during most of my business career. You could use a lot of help if you are planning to start a business and showcase it on social media. So, the three things that really make a difference in portraying your company on social media are:

Hello Everyone, today I take this opportunity to share 3 life saving tips that anyone planning to start a new business (especially on an online social media platform) could use.

The following article on “Three Insights That Anyone to Start a Business” reflects a lot of things that I have learnt during most of my business career. You could use a lot of help if you are planning to start a business and showcase it on social media.

So, the three things that really make a difference in portraying your company on social media are:

· Type of Brand

· Type of Content

· Distribution of content among various Social Media platforms

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Type of Brand

The first thing you might want to ask yourself before starting over a new business is “What sort of brand do I want to go ahead with?”For instance: I upload several videos related to various topics on YouTube. These videos being a part of my own personal interests are uploaded solely under my name on the Anup Ghimire channel. And definitely, my purpose of doing this would be to create a brand name of my own and promoting it. On the other hand, when content is published for Wedding Dreams Nepal or for Viewfinders Production, it simultaneously gets uploaded from the professional pages of the company itself on various social media site. And as a matter of fact, my purpose for doing this is obviously to take forward the company name (creating a company brand) and not my personal name.

Though creating a brand name of a company or a person both have equal amounts of pros and cons, rather than looking at it, you must focus on the kind of person you are and how you want to define your work in the long run (i.e. on a personal level or on a professional level).

You can also try to understand it in this way: If you are an artist and it is your own skills that you are planning to project, using your own name would be presumably better. In other words, if the business is only limited to yourself, you would want to use your own name.
Where as, if you are trying to build a company, group or product some other name (example: Worldlink, Surya or Wai Wai going with a specific name for the company rather than your personal brand would be better.

On a personal note, when I decided to come up with my company, I chose to brand it as Wedding Dreams Nepal and not Anup Photography or something more personal. My intention behind doing this was a long term thought. What if in future I am not able to deliver the quality or creativity I do today? What if I am not able to upgrade myself with modern photography trends? But if I include professionals who would deliver good quality work and service, it would maintain the hard earned reputation of my company. And thus I chose the team work approach because eventually even if someday I am going through low’s my company wouldn’t have to suffer the same.

2. Type of Content

In my perception from what I have learned so far, there are two sorts of contents. Namely:

Informative Content is the kind of content that is more focused on teaching or informing about things to the audience. This kind of content is more focused on giving you something to learn about in practical life.

Entertaining Content: Whereas, the kind of content that deals with showing stuff meant for just watching or reading than actually learning something is the entertaining content. It must contain a sort of visually engaging side.

One of the latest examples of informative content is, Last month our team had released a Photoguffer series from Viewfinders School of Multimedia in which we had taught various things on how to learn simple tips as a photographer, how to improve your photography and stuff. We also created a stop motion video for CoffeePasal recently which falls under the Entertaining content.

But if you begin experimenting and mix both of them, you are likely to create an appropriate creative content better than the above two depending on the kind of brand and the kind of content that you want to target.

3. Distribution of content among various Social Media platforms

While trying to make your online presence stronger, social media platform is very helpful. Right now you have so many social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn that could serve your purpose depending on the kind of business you have. So rather than being overwhelmed by the need of showcasing your business on very platforms (which could cost you a lot of time, money and professionals) you could simply focus on finding a social media platform that holds maximum amount of targeted audience related to your business.

For example in context of Wedding Dreams Nepal, based on our assumption, most of the targeted audience vary between the age group of 20–25 years i.e. the potential future brides. And the social media platform that gives maximum exposure to connect with this targeted audience is Instagram. Similarly, you must first recognize the platform that gives you access to maximum targeted audience so that you could actively build a brand on the following media.

Also, one thing that I would like to share with you guys is how to create your online presence everywhere. Currently, the most happening social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and the way to reach maximum number of people is to be active on all of these platforms. One of the ways to do this is through Meta content. I learned about Meta content from Gary Vaynerchuk, an American Entrepreneur (you can refer to him, if you are into entrepreneurial motivation and learnings).

So getting back to the topic, how the Meta Content works can be explained in the following way. Let us assume that I have a 5 minutes video full of content related to my brand and 4 different platforms where I need to publish it i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and my personal blog, here’s what I would have to do.

First of all, on YouTube, I could upload the entire 5 minute video from the appropriate channel. On Instagam, I could crop my video and turn into a 1 minute video (or five 1 minute videos) with some of the most important content in it. On Facebook, I could give a ice and good description about the video and post it on the page. And Lastly, I could recreate all the contents of the 5 minute video into a written form and repost it into my personal blog. This could not only save up a lot of your time, resources and energy into bringing out different content on different social platforms, but as an artist, you also get attached to your content, which is very important in surviving with a business for long term.

How to build Authority on social media

Authority! According to google, “it is building or establishing right or power over something.” And today at this age the best way to build authority is content. We cannot hesitate to accept the fact that content is the digital currency right now. To establish your authority, you very obviously have to be the best in it. There’s a process for everything and this isn’t any exception. The first step is to research and study. You have to have adequate research and do some study on the field you want to build your authority over. You have to understand your domain and work on dedicating good amount of time towards that. For an instance, let’s assume I want to build my authority over beauty and make up. What I would do is, first, I would work for a makeup artist or I would take courses on makeup and I will practice it. I will
make sure I dedicate some appropriate amount of time on this field. And now! Woo! You are done? Yes you are! But not completely until you know a fact that this process is not something you do for once and don’t ever again. You have to keep doing this not once, not twice but for life or lets say till the time you want to maintain your authority over this domain or till the time you want to be relevant at this field. And definitely You have to maintain the pace.

Moving on to the next point, broadcast yourself. “You have to be the greatest marketer of yourself.” read a quote. You have to talk about your process, your progress, your method and the hurdles and not forgetting the achievements. But where?

If it was 4–5 years ago that I would have had to answer this question I would have said TV, radio or newspaper. Fortunately, right now, we broadcast from the greatest platform that’s internet. It may cost you some investment to build your website or to update it but to start to broadcast yourself on social media platform costs nothing — the internet though! That costs. Broadcast yourself on Facebook, YouTube, instagram, medium, linkedin, quora and many other amazing platforms. Write about your stuff; make a video about your progress, put a picture or post on instagram and Facebook that talk about your experience. Do this continuously till the people on your circle start to come to you for suggestion and queries.

Now, where you might again get confused is, getting done with step one might take you couple of years. Since to get adequate information and gain confidence over something will certainly take few years and then follows creation of content. But where a smarter approach comes is not waiting for something to be accomplished rather tracing your work and experience each passing day. Don’t wait for 5–10 years to start making your content or talk about your progress. Start sharing your first experience. To make it more clear lets me shed some light on kind of a content that can be created on the make up industry.

  1. My first experience of learning make up.
  2. My first impression on make up as a profession
  3. How have my impression changed along the course.
  4. 5 beginners tips from a complete beginner
  5. My first 5 mistake while learning the course

What i am trying to prove with these points are, you can document your progress or steps as well. You can put out a content as a beginner. You don’t have to claim yourself to be an industry expert. You tracing your journey and documenting it. This will set you up for further incoming process.

Following these two steps will keep you in a look of research and sharing, research and sharing. This will keep you updated on your domain and people will remember you for this domain, eventually brining authority over it and you being able to monetize it.

Additional tips :

In between these process, you can also approach several blogs and other well performing platform to have your content featured. Such good platform are always in look for good creators and good content . If you can get yourself featured, there would be a proper proper growth hack in building your social media authority.

And if you are still feeling not much known understand this saying by GaryVee says, “Stop creating and start creating.”