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Global Podcast Landscape

Podcasting is a phenomenon that has swept the global content scene in the last few years. Podcasts not only provide a platform to make your voice heard but also help in branding and marketing. According to stats from, there are over 5 million podcasts online. The number of podcast listeners is projected to cross 500 million in 2024. Podcasting is a 23-billion-dollar industry as of 2023.

66% percent of podcast listeners in the US are aged 12-34. Thus, podcast is a way to reach the young and active population.


The global rise in podcasting has started catching on in Nepal
with a growing number of podcasts and their viewers.
The trend is not going to die out.
Rather, podcasts will catch on ever more among
the young Nepali population.

  • 38%

    of the Nepalese population is below the age of 19

  • 24.6 yrs

    is the average median age of the Nepalese population

  • 51.6%

    was the internet penetration in Nepal at the start of 2023.

Nepal is a very young country with tech-savvy youth,
internet friendly, and on social media. With a large portion of the population connected to the Internet, Nepal is in the midst of a digital revolution. Long-form content like podcasts is the way to reach this audience which is ever online.

2024 is the time to invest in podcasts for your brand and business. With years of experience, Viewfinders is the largest podcast producer in the country.

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Get visually and aurally rich output with professional editing, sound design, and color grading.

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Reach the right kind of viewers with our expertise in podcast marketing and strategy development.


Free yourself from the burden of uploading & publishing your podcasts on all audio and video platforms with the help of our distribution team.

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