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Where The Laugh And Comedy Are Kept As A Secret Zone

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Where The Laugh And Comedy Are Kept As A Secret Zone

Comedy circle started as a stand up comedy platform is a fully fledge marketing channel for a lot of brand on top of comedy content which audience cannot get their attention of. As a pioneer in establishing comedy scene in Nepal, Comedy circle has been operating in both online channel as a multimedia production house and as a event management company in the domain of comedy. We helps brand to reach more people, hit them with the punch life, spread happiness and laughter , well that how we get the job done.

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Stand-Up Comedy Nepal

The First Stand-Up Comedy Club In Nepal

Standard stand-up comedy

Establishing a standard stand-up comedy scene in the entertainment industry of Nepal.

International platform

Giving the Nepali artists a stage on an international platform. We aim at organizing events for the international Nepali audience i.e. Nepalese audience residing in Australia, America. Etc. (basicallycountries/ areas where population of Nepaleseresidents is high.

Our Productions

We are Producing sitcom/ skits/ comedy sketches/ webseries.


Where The Laugh And Comedy Are Kept As
A Secret Zone

  • We have crossed Four Lakh plus (400k+)subscribers in YouTube and growing.
  • Holding a record of 3.7 million plus views (YouTube)in stand-up comedy of Nepal.
  • We do 2 public events every week partnering with 2different restaurants and bring footfall to them and 1open mic a week to groom current and new artists.
  • We have successfully organized 3 Main GrandEvents introducing tickets at Out Door AdventureCenter located at Thamel. Each Event was occupiedwith 600+ audience.
  • We do private shows, corporate shows both insidevalley and outside valley.
  • We are working and experimenting on different kindsof content as well.

Where the laugh and comedy are kept as a secret Zone